Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bigger than the ZTE Scandal

This blog and it's contents raw, according to Jessica Zafra. She adds:

Last night the blog came to an end (Note: That was at 11; things change quickly), and you could feel the city’s withdrawal symptoms. Two people at dinner actually shrieked, “NO!” As someone put it, “Ay, balik-ZTE na naman.” The discussion turned to whether the scandal had helped perpetuate those in power by distracting the public from the previous, more expensive scandal.
Anyway, I must be one of the few who have yet to read the blog. I will read it ASAP para makasali ako sa usapan, hehe...

UPDATE: Okay, I read some of Brian's posts. Hindi ko kilala ang mga main characters sa blog niya. I've heard about Tim Yap and Celine Lopez, but i don't read their columns. I don't know these high society people and i can't relate. Not part of their circle. So for Ate Jessica to say that the public or the entire city of Manila is distracted by some blogger's rants is a bit of a stretch.

MORE: Maybe it would have been a bigger scandal if it was Cesar Montano instead of DJ Montano.

Here's the cached version of the blog. More here.

So what do we learn from all of this. There is no privacy anymore. You piss somebody off, they'll air your dirty laundry in public. Hell has no fury like a white man scorned.

here's the most recent example of expressing Anger, web-style.


sparks said...

we're too late. dinelete na nya yung ibang post nya. pero mukhang itutuloy nya ang pagbubunyag ng baho ng manila "high society" sa oras na wala na sya sa pinas.

john marzan said...

try google cache sparks.

sparks said...

thanks john. and his feed is still alive. wehehehe.