Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Arroyo doesn't need an Anti-Terror Bill

Most legit governments do, but not Arroyo.

From the Tribune Editorial:

If she was in for illegally entry, why was she talking about the alleged plans of Dulmatin, even saying he would fight to the end, and even confessing that she was a courier and a jihadist?

Yet, she was not placed in jail because, as Justice chief Raul Gonzalez said, we have no anti-terror law. But she continues to be detained by the military.

So what are all those other alleged terrorists nabbed by the military and police in for, given that we have no anti-terror law?

Matagal ko nang sinabi ito dati. this admin doesn't need an anti-terror bill because they're above the law anyway and can pretty much do whatever they want to do with the suspects and wiretapping etc. And Arroyo's SC is there to back them up.

an anti-terror bill is only needed for an administration that knows it's boundaries, respects the rule of law, and feels limited by the current laws because they are inadequate to deal with terrorism.

UPDATE: LMAO! if we had an anti-Terror bill, baka hindi na pinakawalan ng arroyo admin ang "erap 5" until it "confessed", dahil "legal" na ang pagdakip sa kanila. One of the "erap 5" will eventually "break" and accuse the opposition of working with the communists to mastermind the assassination of Arroyo and other cabinet officials.

From Ernie Maceda: "Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile told Sen. Luisa “Loi” Estrada he is resigning from the Partido ng Masang Pilipino if she and son Jinggoy vote against the anti-terrorism bill."

Pero hindi ba matagal nang wala na sa oposisyon itong si enrile, along with Angara?

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