Saturday, October 28, 2006

What Guts! What Balls!

I like Winnie's punchline paragraph at the end of her article on the recent thrashing of Arroyo's P.I.

To quote Puno: “Let them who will diminish or destroy the sovereign right of the people to decide be warned. Let not their sovereignty be diminished by those who belittle their brains to comprehend changes in the Constitution as if the people themselves are not the source and author of our Constitution. Let not their sovereignty be destroyed by the masters of manipulation who misrepresent themselves as the spokesmen of the people.” I totally agree. Except that Puno’s “them” seems to refer not to the Lambino group (that, according to the Carpio ruling, did the deception and manipulation), but to the other groups in opposition of the Lambino petition.

Go figure.

Read the whole thing.

Joker Arroyo praises the 4 Women Justices who voted against P.I.:

THE WOMEN justices in the Supreme Court delivered the vote, with only one of them voting with the minority, Senator Joker Arroyo noted yesterday.

“What guts, what balls! A revelation -- in a crunch the nation can depend on women,” Arroyo said in a statement, referring to Justices Consuelo Ynares-Santiago, Angelina Sandoval-Gutierrez, Ma. Alicia Austria-Martinez and Conchita Carpio-Morales.

“A fitting valedictory of Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban -- an independent Supreme Court,” said Arroyo, who had argued against the people’s initiative petition in behalf of the Senate before the high court.

Yung isa na pumabor sa P.I. ni Arroyo ay ito.

I'm also in favor of ynares santiago or sandoval gutierrez as our next Chief Justice, btw, over the likes of Puno, quisumbing and carpio.

It's about time we have a Woman Chief Justice sa bansa natin.

Sabi naman ni Neal Cruz: Not people’s but politicians’ initiative

Raul Pangalanan: "Significantly, the two most senior nominees to become the next chief justice, Justices Reynato Puno and Leonardo Quisumbing, both dissented from the majority. President Arroyo has not been coy at all about her support for Lambino’s initiative, and the two justices’ dissents certainly won’t hurt their bid to succeed Panganiban. But since neither Puno nor Quisumbing carried the majority, all earlier speculation that deals and promises had been made must be put to rest. All bets are off, and the President will choose the next chief justice painfully aware that her appointee might, heaven forbid, actually live up to his or her oath to be independent and to uphold the Constitution."

And the next person to be appointed as SC justice should be asked whether he agrees with the 8-7 decision to junk Arroyo's Initiative, whether Lambino v. COMELEC is settled na.

In other news, it's full steam ahead for CON ASS. Expect more lies and half-truths from Sigaw ng Bayad, sabi ni Helga.

More from Lito Banayo:

Much is said of the "total" loss of the fake initiative. This is a warning. The progenitors of the win-win formula are not yet convinced their enterprise is a lose-lose proposition.

The minority decision did not completely sustain the Lambino position. What it sought was to remand the case to the Comelec, to ascertain the veracity and validity of the alleged 6.3 million signatures to change the charter. On the surface it would look like even if said decision had won, the timetable of the initiators would have been defeated.

Wrong. The evil genius who manipulates things simply wants "no elections" in May of 2007. By throwing the problem to the Comelec, the "genius" knew that such would take months and months, and therefore thwart the preparations for the scheduled elections. The real purpose is not charter change now, as FVR and Joe de V and all those who were taken in by the deception thought. The real purpose was simple "no-el".

The "win-win" formula fit perfectly into their purpose. The ponente was after all not reversing himself from a previous decision in Santiago vs. Comelec. The rationale that the Court does not try facts is legally acceptable.

Consider further that at about the same time that the High Court was deliberating on the initiative, Malacañang’s hacks were speculatively raising such hobglobins as no elections because partial automation was not possible, as Congress demanded. All to lay a predicate to the moment when the Comelec, saddled as it is by the Court-appointed burden of verifying millions and millions of signatures, with both sides of the political fence objecting at every turn, would raise its hands and declare that it would be physically impossible to hold regular elections in May 2007, a scant seven months away.

But the evil design was thwarted last Wednesday, when the Holy Spirit must have sent its guiding light into Padre Faura. This is a cause for celebration. It is the triumph of the people.

dagdag pa ni Banayo:

President Joseph Estrada, through counsel Rufus Rodriguez, would file charges against the fifol’s initiators, Lambino, Aumentado et. al., for unlawfully using public money in their grand deception. How very proper.

But while they are at it, shouldn’t Atty. Rodriguez also look at the possibility of initiating disbarment proceedings against these initiators of grand deception. Aren’t lying and deceiving the Supreme Court enough cause for disbarment? People have to be taught lessons.

In other news, FM funds handled by Malacanang vanished without a trace.

THE Office of the President received at least P53 million of the questionable releases by the Department of Land Reform from the confiscated Marcos Swiss deposits.

Of the amount, P20 million disappeared without a trace.

The administration on the other hand, claims that it doesn't know anything about the missing funds.

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