Tuesday, June 28, 2005

GLORIAGATE Transcripts in English

Since Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said that she did cheat or did not discuss any plans with a COMELEC official to steal the 2004 elections, here again are the GLORIAGATE transcripts of the Paguia tape (with English translations for those Non-Tagalog readers) at pag-aralan natin ito ng mabuti kung nagsasabi ng totoo si Mrs. Arroyo o hindi.

Here's Part 1 (English version) of the Gloriagate Transcripts based on the Paguia Tape

Here's Part 2 (English version)

and here's Part 3 (English version).


dayan...111002 said...

hi there! thanks for the info.. i shared this to my friends who are very much eager (like me) to know what's behind that controversial tape. i included a link to your webpage so they can visit your site anytime. thanks once again.

john marzan said...

thanks dayan! =)