Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lots of interesting stuff from Manuel L. Quezon III

his post is worth checking out. It's interesting though that the "conflicted" pro-Arroyo blogger and media man listed down all the terrible alternatives that might happen (no matter how remote) if GMA is gone, but he never mentions anything re calling for new elections to undo the last one.

I mean, kung ang alternatives lang natin kay GMA ay ang a) military junta b) the Commies taking over or c) Noli de Cashtro, even I might have second thoughts about kicking GMA out (LOL), because like what the pro-GMA media people keep telling us, she is the "lesser evil".

But the only way a military junta would happen (or even the remote possibility of the commies taking over) is if the guilty GMA doesn't resign and clings to her post. Yan ang delikado.

And the only reason why some pro-GMA allies might want to push Noli de Castro to the presidency is if they want to coverup and protect GMA and all the other guilty parties from punishment.

For me, calling for snap elections is the ONLY credible way we can fix the election mess given to us by this administration and it's allies.

If Ukraine can redo their elections and get it right the second time, we can too.

(And we wouldn't be even discussing if Noli de Castro should become president or not kung nahuli kaagad si GMA na nandaya after the elections. Kung nandaya si GMA, uulitin kaagad ang election, with GMA possibly being disqualified, and with FPJ, Roco, Lacson and Eddie Villanueva (and a GMA replacement?) as remaining candidates. Ang gagawin lang ni Noli (or Senate president Drilon) ay maging "acting president" habang ino-organize ang election.)

UPDATE: MLQ3 has now called for Arroyo's resignation. Good for him.

He also mentioned that Susan Roces doesn’t want a snap election,

because, as she said, "the present Comelec would supervise it.

Kaya nga I also suggested in my previous post that all the COMELEC commissioners MUST resign na rin eh. Besides, who's gonna trust these morons to run any credible elections in the future?

Also, I'd like to be the first person to nominate Haydee Yorac to head the COMELEC again!

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i got a newsFLASH for you

mlq3 finally called pgma to resign quote .now. unquote

from his lates blog entry