Sunday, June 26, 2005

Philstar's pro-GMA columnists give their advice

Let's start with the top apologist este... columnist and publisher of Philippine Star, Mr. Max Soliven. Ito ang advice niya kay Gloria Macapagal Arroyo para hindi siya mahuli.

Then, ito namang si Federico Pascual, he writes that to make it easier for GMA to change the topic... WE NEED A CHARTER CHANGE!!!

President Arroyo could announce a ConCon timetable, rush preparations and hold the charter convention early next year. The political thunderclap may just snag the momentum of the ongoing demolition of her regime.

To add to the impact and ease tension, she could announce that she would step down from the presidency upon the adoption of a new Constitution, or something like that.

With widespread disenchantment with the present system, the Con-Con alternative is likely to attract significant supporters.

So cwever, very very cwever of Mr. Pascual.

Tapos may pahabol na advice pa siya na bababa raw si GMA pag may bagong Constitution na. The problem with Arroyo though is that she has a difficult time keeping promises of stepping down and not running again. Been there. Done that.

Tapos ito pang isang Philstar columnist na si Babes Romauldez, on GLORIAGATE he writes that it's not really GMA's fault, IT'S THE SYSTEMS FAULT!!! CHANGE THE SYSTEM!!! AMEND THE CONSTITUTION!!!

(Hmmm... pansin ko Pascual and Romauldez are talking about the same thing CON-CON. Maybe they have been reading the same recently distributed talking points from Malacanang? LOL!)

And don't get me started with Direk Alex Magno.


Anonymous said...

if you have bulletin today during marcos time, you have philstar for now.

Anonymous said...


A gathering political storm

It explains that mysterious outburst from congresswoman Martinez.

Winston. Say it ain't so.