Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Potential GLORIAGATE suspects galing sa Military at PNP na dapat imbestigahan

These are some of the potential GLORIAGATE suspects (galing sa Military at Police) na dapat imbestigahan if we want seriously to get to the bottom of this Election fraud mess:

There were other conversations as well with Garci in those tapes that covered even the military and police generals, as well as other poll officials and senatorial bets to rig the polls. What was that all about then? Also a judgmental lapse on the part of Generals Ebdane, Esperon, Kiamko, Lomibao and others or was it a deliberate act to steal the elections for Gloria, and in the case of a senatorial candidate, Robert Barbers and his P2-million payoff to make him win?

And can one imagine just how prostituted the military and police are today that they have to be led in the case of the police, a Lomibao who was tagged in the taped conversations as being part of the cheating force for Gloria, and in the case of the Armed Forces of the Philippines' Army Gen. Esperon who was also tagged as having cheated for Gloria, becoming the Army chief who may, in less than a year's time, become the AFP chief of staff!

And military and police reforms are being spoken of under such a tarred leadership?

And Ebdane? He who was seen escorting Garci out of Cagayan de Oro to ensure that he keep his silence? He not only became the Philippine National Police chief, but the country's national security adviser and now its public works secretary. And these are our supposed national leaders?

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eyeswideopen said...

please post the complete transcript of Susan Roces' statement at club filipino san juan today. i wasn't able to catch all of her statement because i was at that at the shower as i prepare for work. i have heared the part where she said something like:

minsan lang tayo naging pantay-pantay, mayaman man o mahirap. we only have one votes each. sagrado ang ating boto.

i shouted for joy and i am jubilant that at last SUSAN has spoken.

please post it Mr. Marzan.