Tuesday, June 27, 2006

2nd Impeachment complaint filed against Arroyo

A second impeachment complaint is now filed vs. Arroyo.

I'd like to see Arroyo impeached para matapos na itong GLORIAGATE issue na ito. This gives Arroyo the opportunity to defend herself in court, and show the public na transparent ang government niya at hindi siya guilty.

At kung na-impeach si Arroyo at sa impeachment trial niya ay napatunayan na hindi guilty si Arroyo at si Garci, then ako mismo hindi ko na susuportahan yung mga future impeachment complaints laban sa kanya and not only will I stop calling for her resignation, I'd support her presidency 100% pa.

Gusto kong ilabas ng mga pro- at anti-Arroyo ang mga ebidensiya nila so the Filipino can judge for themselves kung guilty talaga si arroyo o gawa-gawa lang ng opposition ang GLORIAGATE.

And I'd like to hear the GLORIGATE players tell their story under oath in impeachment court at ma-cross examine sila. People like Virgilio Garcillano, Vidal Doble, Ignacio Bunye, Joc Joc Bolante, Michaelangelo Zuce, Ricardo Manapat, Mike Defensor, Gen. Esperon, Kyamko and others, PNP chief Lomibao, Rashma Hali, Gen. Gudani, Capt. Marlon Mendoza, Alexander Balutan and others.

I'd like to see Garci questioned again about a few things na medyo inconsistent sa kanyang testimony noong um-attend siya sa hearing that was presided by Arroyo's allies. Obviously, walang nakitang krimen o nakawan ng election ang mga kaalyado ni Arroyo, at yan ang inilagay nila sa walang-kwentang committee report nila. Hindi raw guilty si Garci. Whatever, Teddyboy.

From MLQ3:

The new charges are powerful: First: GMA exercised dictatorial powers to stifle political dissent triggered by her illegitimate presidency. Second: GMA committed crimes against humanity. She abetted, if not encouraged, the systematic and widespread killings of political dissidents and journalists to silence criticisms against her. Third: GMA criminally concealed her conjugal assets, engaged in graft and corruption, and entered into illegal government contracts.

Each charge stands on its own, and isn’t dependent on the other two. The House is tasked to deliberate on each one, and to decide which ones deserve to be prosecuted in the Senate. Each charge needs to be answered, and it is in the detailed reply to each charge, and the things that constitute the grounds for them, that the House and, hopefully, the Senate, with the public observing the process, must make up their minds.

With regard to the first charge: when Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye released two CDs to the public, and Secretary Michael Defensor remarked “that is the President’s voice, but that isn’t her talking,” did a conspiracy to obstruct justice take place, with the consent of Ms Arroyo as principal? When the calibrated preemptive response, EO 464 and 1017 were made official policies, did Ms Arroyo arrogate unto herself powers fit only for a dictator? When she authorized the raid on The Daily Tribune and had the police exert pressure on the publication, did she violate her oath of office; and does the harassment of party-list representatives constitute arbitrary and illegal behavior? As for the allegations of electoral fraud in 2004, did such cheating occur?

While the second charge speaks for itself, what of the third charge: do the Jose Pidal accounts, Piatco bribery allegations, the NorthRail contracts, policies on jueteng, as well as the highly partisan handling of the congressional pork barrel constitute behavior that would justify Ms Arroyo’s removal from office? To refuse to face these charges now is to ensure that they become central issues in the 2007 elections.

I'd like to see the reason Arroyo's allies use to justify killing this new impeachment complaint vs. Arroyo. At nagtatanong lang

More here from the PCIJ and Ellen Tordesillas.


schumey said...


I'd like to see how GMA's cohorts handle this one. I doubt if they could use those prejudicial questions again. Nice strategy by the oppositions to file complaints everyday and with different entities at the forefront. MLQ is right, 2007 will be one hell of an election.

john marzan said...

true schumey.