Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Shorter is sweeter

From MLQ3, here's the list of the three impeachment charges:

June 26 marks the date set for the filing of a new impeachment complaint against the President. The administration pooh-poohs the new charges, argues it’s unfairly pandering to public opinion, and warns that if the effort to succeed, not just the President would lose her job.

This time around, the complaint will originate with a broader segment of the public, and then nursed through the process by the opposition. The charges to be leveled against the President are more concise and powerful than ever before. They are, according to the lawyers, three main accusations:

GMA EXERCISED DICTATORIAL POWERS TO SILENCE, IF NOT STIFLE, POLITICAL DISSENT ARISING FROM HER ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENCY. Charges of obstruction of justice, EO 464, CPR and 1017, Daily Tribune, the Batasan 5, electoral fraud.

GMA COMMITTED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. She abetted, if not encouraged, the systematic and widespread killings of political dissidents and journalists to silence criticisms lodged against her and to continue her illegitimate hold on power.

GMA CRIMINALLY CONCEALED HER CONJUGAL ASSETS, ENGAGED IN GRAFT AND CORRUPTION, AND ENTERED INTO ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS. The Jose Pidal accounts, PIATCO bribery, Northrail; jueteng; as well as illegal withholding of the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA).

Yup, simplified at concise na ang impeachment complaint. I recall making a suggestion na the opposition simplify their articles of impeachment vs. Arroyo, katulad sa 4 articles of impeachment ni Bill clinton.

More here from PCIJ.

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Karl M. Garcia said...

Kiss nga ay sweeter

Keep IT Simple n Short.

Wala akong maisip pamalit sa stupid kaya short na lang.