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Jose Pidal and Morgan Stanley

Lumabas na naman ulit ang issue ng Morgan Stanley accounts ni Jose Pidal sa Hearing ng House Ethics Committee.

Sa hearing ng House Ethics Committee, tinanong ni Alan si Mike Arroyo kung totoo na siya ay classified na Triple A client ng Morgan Stanley, isang investment firm. Kapag Triple Aclient ka, ibig sabihin noon malaki , siguro hindi lang milyon kun di bilyon ang iyong pinahawakan na pera sa kanila para i-invest sa iba’t ibang mapagkaperahan.

Ang sagot ng mayabang na asawa ni Gloria Arroyo, “It’s none of your business.” (Wala kang paki-alam.)

At bakit hindi dapat paki-alaman ng taumbayan? Anong malay natin kung pera ng taumbayan yan.

Kaya nga gusto ni Alan ang waiver o authorization ni Arroyo para sa kanyang mga deposito sa bangko. Kung wala naman talagang tinatagong baho si Mikey Arroyo, dapat hindi siya matakot. At hindi lang sa Germany.

REad the whole thing. yeah, signing the waiver is imporatant kung talagang hindi guilty si Mike Arroyo. If lacson can do it, so should Mike, if he's really that innocent.

As for the Morgan Stanley accounts, meron si Pidal nyan.

From Ducky Paredes on the Lacson "Incredible Hulk" expose:

"(H)ow did a check given to Mike and GMA by Congressman Mark Jimenez get to be deposited in the account of Jose Pidal?"

"But, who is Jose Pidal?

"Initially, our investigation led us to Morgan Stanley, one of the
largest, if not the largest investment houses in the world. Curiously, both Mr. Jose Pidal and Mr. Jose Miguel T. Arroyo are valued clients. They share the same address, the 8th floor of LTA Building. They also have the same financial advisor, Mr. Ronald Gin, Associate Vice-President for Investments of San Francisco, California."

Remember the past.

From Matanglawin, an Ateneo de Manila website in tagalog:

Kay raming pagkakatulad. Pareho ang mailing address ng Unang Ginoo at ni Jose Pidal. Parehong ang ikawalong palapag ng LTA Building sa 118 Perea Street sa Legaspi Village ang ginagamit ng dalawa. Pareho rin ang tagapayo sa pananalapi ng dalawa, si Ronald Gin ng Morgan Stanley. Higit sa lahat, mayroon ding saksing isang talampakan lamang ang layo. Hindi malilimutan ng mga Pilipino ang pahayag ni Clarissa Ocampo noong Impeachment Trial, “I was one foot away, your honor.” Dalawa ang itinuturing na “star” witness ni Lacson. Isa rito si Eugenio “Udong” Mahusay Jr., dating mensahero ni Mike Arroyo at inaanak sa kasal ng mag-asawang Arroyo. Sa isang press conference, sinabi ni Mahusay na nasaksihan niya ang pagpirma
ni G. Arroyo ng pangalang Jose Pidal sa mga tseke. Ayon kay Lacson, “This witness was…only a foot away when he first saw the First Gentleman signing Jose Pidal on checks.”

Remember the Past.

Here's Chapter One of Lacson's expose. Details on the Morgan Stanley account here.

We know that Ignacio "Iggy" Arroyo, FG's brother, later acted as Mike ARroyo fall guy and claimed that he owned the Pidal accounts, including the Morgan Stanley accounts. Neal Cruz had a "Laugh my ass out" moment about that. And he refused to answer any questions by invoking the "Right to Privacy" line.

So Iggy "owned" all those huge Pidal accounts raw, pero ito lang ang taxes na binabayaran iggy boy noong 1996-1999.

PDI: Arroyo brother's income, Pidal account don't jibe

Income taxes paid by First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo's brother Ignacio, who claimed he was Jose Pidal, were not commensurate with the amount of money he allegedly kept in banks under that assumed name, Senator Panfilo Lacson said Monday.

In a privilege speech, Lacson, citing Ignacio Arroyo's tax returns, said that in 1996, Ignacio Arroyo paid only 11,205 pesos in income taxes; in 1997, he paid the same amount; in 1998, he paid 13,446 pesos; and in 1999, he paid 8,500 pesos.

Up to 1999, Iggy Arroyo was paying an income tax no more than P8,500. Today, the guy's is worth P284.5 Million.

More here from Lacson's expose:

Looking at his income tax payments alone,this so-called "very,very rich Iggy Arroyo" is an insult to the intelligence of the people:

1996 - P11,205.00
1997 - P11,205.00
1998 - P13,446.00
1999 - P8,500.00

But here's an even greater insult. Poor Iggy earned more than the real Jose Pidal. For in 2001, Atty. Jose Miguel T. Arroyo declared that his annual income, repeat, annual income was all of P30,000. That's P2,500 per month!

That's less than the minimum taxable income required for filing an income tax return. In short, the government actually owes him a P2,000 refund.

Wow Philippines! Bayan pa pala ang may utang sa kanya.

I'm sure most of the employees in this hall pay more taxes than Iggy Arroyo or Mr. Jose Miguel Arroyo/Jose Pidal.

In the Senate hearing, Iggy refused to answer 32 times, reasoning his right to privacy.

Read the whole thing.

NEWSBREAK: San Francisco - The Arroyo's favorite city

UPDATE: "The Erap 11" vs "The Pidal 10"

FPJ aside, what many people are missing as they get fixated on who the opposition bet will be is the emergence of a new bloc of senators along the lines of the much-maligned "Erap 11".

Remember them? These were the 11 senators who voted against the opening of the so-called "second envelope" during the impeachment trial of Joseph Estrada in the Senate in 2001.

Now, we have the "Pidal 10". These are the ten senators, led by Blue Ribbon committee chair Joker Arroyo, who have voted to uphold Ignacio "Iggy" Arroyo's "right to privacy" claim before the Senate investigation on the Jose Pidal accounts. By this decision, the 10 senators are saying that Iggy Arroyo cannot be forced to tell more about the accounts; neither can he be forced to sign the name "Jose Pidal" in front of the committee members.

Never mind that the signatures Iggy had submitted to GMA-7, which the network in turn submitted to the Senate, clearly show that they are not done by the same hand that signed the checks that Panfilo Lacson showed during his exposé.

And who are these ten?

click on the link to find out.

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Why can't people in that august legislature of ours see what's going on?

You collated the facts but why can't they? Too scared to hit the Pidals or even to ask the Pidals, to EXPLAIN?

No one with the guts to do it?

OK, if that's the case, Pinas is a goner and goner for quite a while!