Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A witness for hire?

Lacson and Pimentel said Moner’s lawyers demanded security and food and housing assistance. Lacson said if totaled, the judge’s demand would amount to a staggering P20 million.

"He wanted round-the-clock security, food and even a condominium where he and his companions could stay. May insurance pa nga that would last for a number of years," Lacson said in an interview.

Pimentel nodded his head on hearing Lacson’s statement, saying, "Yes, he asked that from me, too."

Lacson said he did not yield to the demands. "Why should I? I do not have that kind of money. After that (failed negotiations), I never heard from them again," he said.

Is Moner trying to cash in on the GLORIAGATE scandal?

Next question: is the Moner case similar to Datu Ahmad Bayam's?

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