Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gloriagate update: Arroyo creating conditions for Military intervention

May coup na ba sa Philippines?

-- From Randy David:

EVERY time we allow politicians to steal elections with impunity, to rule without accountability, to rob the public coffers routinely, and to lie brazenly-we are creating the conditions for military intervention.

So true. I'm not into military juntas or military dictatorships. So kung mangyari yung edsa 1986 ulit at natanggal si Arroyo, my suggestion is one, for the military to declare that there will be new elections within one month (or two at the most), two, that they will not run for office or ask for positions within the gov't and three, they will immediately hand over power to civilian authority in preparation for a COMELEC housecleaning, then special elections. these unselfish reasons will show na they are not in it for the power and they will not benefit from this whatsoever.

if this is all done, then they will most likely be received as heroes by the filipino people.

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-- JDV giving out fake awards.

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-- GMA all alone in Edsa anniversary.

-- Heh.

-- I'm beginning to like Joker Arroyo.

-- It's ALIVE!!! "No El" is still alive!!!

-- And Conrad de Quiros on Malacanang's hypocrisy:

IGNACIO Bunye had an interesting reply to Fidel Ramos’ complaint. Ramos had earlier fumed about government preparations for the 20th anniversary of Edsa People Power I not according it the proper fanfare it deserved. Edsa I, he said, was much admired around the world. “Why is it that here in our own beloved Philippines, where it all started, we should be trying to downgrade it, diminish it, and marginalize it?”

Bunye replied that there was nothing wrong with the low-key plans for the 20th anniversary. “The real meaning of Edsa resides in the national memory and in the hearts and minds of every Filipino and not in pomp and ceremony or rhetoric.” That is all very well, except for one thing: Only recently we celebrated a victory with much pomp, ceremony and rhetoric. That was Manny Pacquiao’s victory over Erik Morales in Las Vegas last month. Such was the importance given to the event the First Gentleman Mike Arroyo and the gentleman-farmer Chavit Singson leaped to the stage to bathe in Pacquiao’s glory, a thing that sparked an epidemic of booing in local movie houses where the fight was shown. Such was the earthshaking significance of the event a motorcade that wound the streets of Manila was thrown for Pacquiao when he came home. Manila Mayor Lito Atienza was at his side -- he would be there from Las Vegas to the plane to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Manila City Hall to MalacaƱang and all the way to Quezon City, Sonny Belmonte country. Talk of Brokeback Mountain!

Near my son’s school in Mandaluyong City, I see a big sign that says, “Bayani ka, Manny!” I don’t know how many other places in Metro Manila sport similar proclamations.

I figure Pacquiao deserves the accolades. But I have not seen one sign this coming 20th anniversary of Edsa I that says, “Bayani ka, Cory,” or more to the point, “Bayani ka, Juan de la Cruz.” Lest we forget, though we always do, the thing is called People Power and not Cory Power, or Sin Power, or Ramos Power, or, heaven forbid, Enrile Power. But I did not hear Bunye or his boss, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo -- who swiftly incorporated boxing phrases in her rhetoric (“We will TKO poverty”) -- say, “Forget the parade, the true meaning of Pacquaio’s feat resides in the hearts and minds of every Filipino.” What are they trying to tell us, that a victory by a Filipino boxer over his tormentor is infinitely more important than the liberation by Juan de la Cruz of himself from a tyrant?

Read the whole thing. BTW, I'm going to EDSA on saturday to mark the 20th anniversary of People Power, just like Conrad.


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