Thursday, June 30, 2005

Just keep telling the truth about this administration and it's allies

If you think that forcing GMA to resign will be a cakewalk, think again. Now that she realized na isang malaking political blunder ang ginawa niyang phony apology, she and her spindoctors will make the necessary adjustments to correct their mistake and fight back.

I mean, you didn't expect GMA to go down this easily, do you? Marami kasing madadamay eh. She, her family, the military and their civil society allies like CODE-NGO and NAMFREL has too much to lose if she steps down.

At medyo matatagalan tayo sa laban natin against this fake president because for one thing -- unlike during Erap's time -- the Mainstream Media like GMA7, PDI (except for one or two of it's columnists), ABS-CBN and Philstar are on the administration's side this time around.

That PDI, Philstar, GMA7 and ABS-CBN have not even made a serious attempt at telling us the truth re GLORIAGATE and the tapes, will only make our job even harder. Matagal nang kalat ang Paguia at Ong tapes, pero ayaw pa rin nilang ipa-verify ito sa experts kung authentic o hindi. So why can't they play the tapes on TV and invite their experts to check the authenticity of the tapes? What the fck are they afraid of? The truth? Why aren't they analyzing the tapes to look for clues and try to see if there are any corroborating evidence to back up the taped conversations?

The fact that tinalo pa sila ng isang blog pagdating sa GLORIAGATE coverage is very telling.

And you notice that the Pro-Arroyo media people and bloggers keep telling us na palpak raw ang GLORIAGATE dahil walang "people power" na nangyari during the early days of GLORIAGATE, even though none of the major opposition personalities have called for another Edsa to overthrow this admin so far.

AFAIK, all they’re asking is for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to resign na and for the designated "acting president" to call for new presidential elections.

Besides, it's too premature to call GLORIAGATE a “huge failure” when most of Filipinos haven't heard the contents of the tapes yet.

We haven't even begun informing and educating the public about the seriousness and scope of this administration's crimes (or explored the GLORIAGATE details thru the tapes).

So, to those who think that GLORIAGATE will be over within 4 days just like Edsa Dos, you're not being realistic. This will be a LONG, HARD FIGHT.

But as long as we just keep telling the truth about this administration and their allies, in the end, babagsak rin ang corrupt at mandarayang "presidente" na ito.


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Anonymous said...

keep it up john.

Anonymous said...

by jove blogsite has a naughty
picture of GMA waving from a plane.
Noli off to the side. haha.

it reminds me of Nixon's wave
from the helicopter the day of his resignation as he departed for the last time.

i suggest putting the photos side by side with the proper caption.

both of them smiled too. in nixon's case a brave smile for his
supporters and tearful staff.