Sunday, August 14, 2005

Defensor's theory debunked

Read. The. Whole. Thing. Nice job PCIJ.

(mp3 of "yung dagdag, yung dagdag..." is downloadable here.)


Anonymous said...

The problem with people is that they think they are in control. God sees all and God hears the cry of his people. God allows all things to happen for the greater good. So whatever evil acts gma and her minions are doing will come to naught. Let us pray for their conversion. Let us pray for the protection of St. Michael.

el pais said...

akala ko noon matino etong si mike defensor. pero simula noong lumabas etong gloriagate scandal na eto, napag alaman kong... hai nako, may pag ka weirdo pala etong mike defensor na eto.

in short. kurakots din pala eto. kurakots d mind.