Sunday, December 18, 2005

Why say NO to Arroyo's Constitution?

Here are a few good reasons why.

As for me, I'm not for changing the Constitution. Ever since panahon pa ni Ramos at Erap.

But EVEN IF I were for it, I want somebody who is credible and with integrity to lead the reforms. The last person I would trust to make changes in the Constitution is Mrs. Arroyo and her appointed stooges like Jarius Bondoc, Alex Magno and Carmen Pedrosa of PHILSTAR. Changing the constitution is not a small matter, and I sense we have another Marcos type situation in our hands with his 1973 Constitution.

It's deja vu all over again.

More: Statement of Roilo Golez:

The No-El proposal is also a political ploy to save the administration from certain defeat in the mid-term elections of 2007. With the President’s record low rating, political analysts consider association with her as a kiss of death especially in the national capital region, rest of Luzon and Mindanao.

Political analysts believe 2007 is going to be a valley of death of most administration candidates. So, wy not a constitutional coup by canceling the election and maintain status quo? better than employing a Garci.

Additional comments on poposed amendments: It’s designed to be packed in favor of the President. One third of the cabinet shall be appointed members of the Parliament. That’s around 7 MPs. 30 “experts” shall be appointed to the Parliament. So the President would start with at least 15 percent puppet MPs. With that kind of packing, the President would be able to do anything. No wonder the 55 “wise” men and women got isntant medals from the grateful president. This proposal to pack the parliament is shameless. I can’t believe they even atempted this.

How they insult the people’s intelligence!.

Ellen Tordesillas:

Nakakabahala kasi, sa highlights na pinalabas ng Concom, sinabi na wala ng eleksyon sa 2007. Lahat-lahat raw na nasa pwesto ngayon ay manatili hanggang 2010, kung kailang magsimula ang eleksyon para sa parliamentary system. Garapal.

Ang unang eleksyon sa ilalim ng bagong Constitution ay sa pangalawang Lunes ng Mayo 2010.

Teka ka. Sino ba ang nagsabing gusto ng taumbayan ang parliamentary system. At sino ba ang nagsabing gusto ng taumbayan palitan ang Constitution ngayon?

Sa survey ng Pulse Asia noong Octubre, mas maring Pilipino (55%) ang hindi pabor sa pagpalit ng Constitution ngayon at 37 lamang ang may gusto.

Ang may pasimuno nitong pagpalit ng Constitution ay si dating Pangulong Ramos at si De Venecia.Lalo na si JDV dahil sa ilalim ng presidential system kung saan isang tao, isang boto, wala siyang tsansa maging pinuno ng bayan. Kasi maari mong lokohin ang iilan ngunit mahirap lokohin ang buong bayan.

Kumagat na rin si Arroyo dahil nakita niyang salbabida itong charter change para mabaling ang atensyon ng taumbayan sa kanyang pandaraya, pagsisinungaling at pagnanakaw. Ang mahalaga lang sa kanya ay manatili siya hanggang 2010. Ang susunod niyan ay siguruhin niya, sa kung ano na namang pagmanipula kung paano siyang malibre sa ginawang niyang krimen sa bayan

Malaking anomalya itong ginawa nilang transitory provision na ang term of office ng lahat na opisyal, local at national, ay hanggang 2010.

UPDATE: From Neal Cruz:

Speaking of another old man who refuses to fade away, there's former University of the Philippines president Jose P. Abueva who accepted an appointment as chair of the Consultative Commission. Very recently, he submitted to Ate Glue the draft of a proposed Constitution, which she immediately endorsed to Congress. Luckily, we still have a bicameral Congress, and the Senate quickly thumbed down Abueva's handiwork. Can you imagine what would happen to us if we had a unicameral parliament with the present members of the House as the MPs? That is what Abueva's ConCom is proposing.

Not only that, it proposes to ban school dropouts and actors from running for public office. This is clearly class legislation directed at the likes of Erap and FPJ (Fernando Poe Jr). It reveals that members of the ConCom are bigots and elitists. A college degree, even a whole string of them, does not automatically clothe a person with wisdom. There have been many dropouts who turned out to be good public servants. Former Senate President and Foreign Secretary Blas F. Ople and former Sen. Francisco Tatad come to mind. On the other hand, there are many college graduates who are bobos. Even university presidents can be that. Look at Abueva.

His draft constitution uses bribery to entice congressmen and senators to accept it. It proposes to postpone the elections of 2007 and automatically make them, including the many third termers, members of Parliament, gratis, without having to run and spend for a new term. Isn't that bribery?


ReNba OdEnRoH said...

ang delikado nito, kapag nagkaroon ng plebisito, siguradong dayaan na namang umaatikabo. GARAPAL na ngang talaga!

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you're right, abner.